who is acm?

i can not possible be the only person who doesn't really know how to properly articulate the question that seems to be always asked, who are you? tell me about yourself? so what is it that you do for a living? these questions seem so mediocre. I can mediocrely reply like i work a nine to five at a job that doesn't pay me enough, i have nothing to say about myself because my job consumes my being and what exactly i do for a living... hmm, i know living aint one. that seriously would have been my answer a year ago, but things are different now. 

so who am i ?

i am a human who sees no color, just other humans. i create my own reality, manifest my dreams therefore i am an artist. i'm also a witch who cast spells and works with crystals. i'm an author and art teacher, i also coach people into a positive life, helping remove anxious thoughts and fill the gaps with positive vibes. to keep this short this is who i am, im a human (activist) who found her purpose and lives up to it every single day. i am someone who found the joy in self love and alone time. i'm that quirky nerd who enjoys reading and learning.

ACM is just figuring out life, and living to the best of her abilities. free as a bird because todays world does not affect she the way it does others. she co creates with the universe and let the pieces fall how they may. she; a living breathing creature who loves all beings and just wants the world to vibrate where she's vibin, cause she's high off life (and west coast maryjane.. but mostly high off life!)


youtube channel '18

brought to you by popular demand. 

starting 21518 I will be posting daily vlogs, its a personal goal I have created since decided to go through with this channel. excited to share my daily adventures, life lessons and blessings with you all! 

a day in the life of acm. 

no gimmicks at all, what you see is what you get. its me, on the daily. no filter, real life. like reality tv without the script. via instagram i am able to share with you all what my life looks like each twenty four hour period that i am granted. through social media i am building a network. a group of people, a family... whatever you want to call it we are a community and i intend on being apart of it in every which way possible. living by faith, not fearing the unknown. i have decided to trade in old pressured ways for new ways, my ways. now, I haven't gotten all of this figured out. but I have a a vision, i have the hustle in me and the fucking desire to win. so i'm inviting you all to see day by day, to do list after to do list... how exactly i'm getting shit done. 


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i've been writing for years. if per word paid i'd be a trillionaire. "writing is a way for the soul to heal its self" i captioned that on a Instagram post a few months back, the picture is one of my laptop... with my crystals spread above the keyboard. i was in a Starbucks, were i had spends most of my days just writing.. trying to figure life out. it wasn't until October that those words really meant something to me, i finally... after years of writing understood life just a little bit more

inside my anxious mind

the words that i magically wrote saved my life, my mental... my being! those words where generated through tears, a lot of tears! i yelled at the empty space in my apartment, i locked myself in my bathroom... begging for the pictures of my past to be erased, i was running from the pain until it hit me, oh.. and it hit me like a ton of bricks

 i went through all those things. child molestation, abandoment, sexual assault, anxiety, all of the things i was running from had already happened to me! the worst part about any any negative action is the actual action. those few minutes that we endured are the actual worst part of it all. i was missing the growing part of it all because i didn't allow myself to acknowledge the pain. i am here today, an author of one.... out many books to come because i realized that my passion is writing, my soul needs it to live and this is my gate way, the portal i have to reach millions and spread the word the universes whispers to me.... forgiveness, forgive self. 

i forgive me for my sins, i did so in Seattle end now this is home. so mote it be my reality is what i speak and invite you all to read what  freed from this anxious mind. available on amazon and in the shop! 

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